8 Video Game Enemies You Wouldn't Want to Encounter During a Blackout

If the catastrophic super storm known as Sandy taught me anything, it's to never go outside when the entire city of New York has just been ravaged. Without power and with nothing to do but to sit idly and twirl my Rubik's Cube during those seemingly endless days (my portable gaming devices utterly drained and useless), I decided one night to escape out into the streets, and explore my neighborhood of Alphabet City.

Outside, people wandered aimlessly in a zombie-like state of confusion. Trees had been torn from the ground. The stench of the East River choked the night air. It was quiet, almost lifeless. A bright city was now encased in a shell of total darkness. My mind started to wander. It had been, after all days, since I picked up a game. But I had nothing else to do. So I walked for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly everything around me started to change, started to take the forms of something familiar…and terrifying.  While many would argue that the likes of Pyramid Head, Big Daddy, Sweet Tooth, Nemesis (and to a lesser extent, Tyrant), or even the entire cast of Thrill Kill, would make for some unfortunate video game characters to run into during a city wide blackout, what I envisioned on those deserted streets was much, much worse.

Eyepot (Alice: Madness Returns): Starting out with an enemy that you wouldn't expect to give you the willies is the Eyepot. There is something about that glowing red cat-like eye that gets me every time I see it. Paired with the fact that the Eyepot moves around on spider-like legs, and you have a recipe  for horror. What bothers me about these things is their ability to catch you off guard due to their unassuming appearance. Who among us could resist a nice hot cup of tea in the middle of a blackout on a chilly night? The only problem is that these suckers spew globs of boiling lava hot liquid, and are relentless in their effort to scald the shit out of you.

Creeper (Minecraft): Let's forget for a second that these things look like giant green penises, have a knack for tearing down structures, and have been described by Minecraft creator Markus Persson, aka Notch, to have a "crunchy, dry like leaves" texture Okay, maybe you can't forget about that…because I certainly can't.  Alone and wandering avenue after desolate avenue, I could have sworn I saw these creepy things jutting their blocky heads from around every corner.

Banshee (Mass Effect 3): More menacing and downright creepier in appearance than my other consideration for this slot, GoW's Berserker, the Banshee is a truly frightening enemy that has nothing but death and destruction on its mind. A  synthetic-organic creature, the Banshee is a being that is made entirely of terror. Suppose you are able to run far away from such a beast in the middle of a blackout; you are forgetting that the Banshee can hurl biotic projectiles that can track their target. The slender menace can also teleport making the mutated race even more deadly. And Heaven help you if you ever get close to one of these things; it will tear you to shreds without so much as batting an eye.

Troll (Skyrim): There is something about Skyrim's Trolls that puts them in a league of their own. The hulking monstrosity can not only regenerate lost health, its got the whole third eye on its forehead thing going on, making the race of cave dwellers that much more terrifying. I could almost imagine these things rising in mass numbers out of the New York City subway stations; drenched with sewage and rain water, Trolls would absolutely lay waste to anyone and anything in sight. At least you got all those candles you so wisely lit during the blackout to defend yourself with, right?

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