8 Video Game Enemies You Wouldn't Want to Encounter During a Blackout

Juggernaut (Call of Duty series): Okay, shit just got real. You honestly didn't think this list was going to be all about ghouls and goblins, did you? You would think that during a citywide blackout that the appearance of any military force would help ease the panic stricken public. While that might be true in most of the time (seriously always wait for the military - I'm looking at you David Drayton), that just isn't the case with the Juggernaut. As its name implies, the Call of Duty foe is a massive, nearly unstoppable killing machine that requires a metric fuck-ton of fire power to take out. You think zombies are a big deal? Try going head to head with a group of these heavily armored,walking tanks. If a blast from their shotguns won't get you, a lead salad from their light machine guns will.

Wallmaster (The Legend of Zelda): And just like that we are back onto creepy. I can't imagine encountering anything worse in a blackout that a zombified hand that can literally appear out of nowhere and drag you away. Once it takes hold of you there is just no escape. And even though the Wallmaster serves as a pesky gameplay device to bring Link right back to the start of any dungeon regardless of how far he's progress, I honestly don't want to know where this thing will take me if it grabs hold of me in real life. On the plus side, Wallmasters are known for coughing oodles of cash. So far all you Greedy Guses out there, by all means, have a it.

Shibito (Siren: Blood Curse): Seriously, forget zombies or zombie dogs, or just about anything in the zombie family; Shibito is where the real terror lies. Available in all sorts of f'ed up types such as Spider, Fly, Beetle, and Brain, these deformed monstrosities have a definite leg-up on your usual shambling corpse as they still retain a sense of intelligence and personality; isn't that great!

Cherub (DOOM 3): Giving new meaning to the phrase les enfant terrible, these half baby, half insect ankle biters can seriously mess up your day. Don't let that face deceive you, Cherubs are the spawn of Satan himself and will stop at nothing to get at your gooey center. While generally weaker than most enemies in DOOM 3, Cherubs attack in high numbers and can quickly overwhelm you. If the look isn't creepy enough, Cherubs are also known for emitting a high pitch, baby babble, making it one of the most disturbing enemies ever created.

As our collective gamer hearts go out to places close to home like Breezy Point and New Jersey, my nightmare vision of New York overrun with some of gaming's most unpleasant foes reminds me of how lucky I am to have gotten through one of the worst storms relatively unscathed. As we continue to rebuild and get back on track, I'd like to dedicate this piece to those who continue to struggle. From the entire Games Abyss staff, we wish you all a speedy recovery. So to end this piece on a bit of a silly note – as we are known for – here is an enemy that you would absolutely love to bump into in the middle of a blackout:

Waddle Dee (Kirby series): Despite what Kirby thinks, Waddle Dee is the shit. Who better to have in a blackout caused by a storm than someone who's always carrying an umbrella?

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