Everyone can be a Half Minute Hero

Aside from being a really uncomfortable nickname, what is Half Minute Hero all about?

These days, it can be tough to finish out an epic RPG. There are tons of good ones out there, and not everyone can find 40 – 100 hours to sink their teeth into yet another grind fest. So this fall, XSEED is all set to bring you an RPG experience on the PSP that takes the grind out of grinding, and sets you up to save the world, defeat the villain, and rescue the girl, all inside of 30 seconds.

In Half Minute hero, even those with the shortest of attention spans can explore towns, grind random battles for experience, solve quests, and defeat evil wizards — but it all takes place at lightning speed. With so little time on your hands, you'll need to plan carefully (and maybe buy a favor from the Time Goddess) to get it all done – but it is do-able, and what's more, it's hilarious. The hero quest is only one of four different game modes, and with hi-speed gags and references to classic RPGs, all done in an adorable pixelated style, there's way more than a minute's worth of entertainment here.

The demo's out on PSN. Check it out! If you've got a minute to kill, then you've got enough time to be a Half Minute Hero.

(Ladies. That's enough snickering.)

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