Games Abyss Podcast #7: Oh, the (Survival) Horror!

Halloween is just around the corner, gamers. And being that the GA Staff loves them some survival horror, Justin Belin, Matt Randisi, and yours truly, have once again gathered around that sweet nectar of the Gods known as alcohol to get our buzz on and talk about some of our favorite horror game moments, and the current state of the genre. But that's not all gang!

Tokyo Game Show and New York City Comic-Con took place not too long ago, and like diligent little videogame fanatics  Games Abyss was present and accounted for. We discuss some of our event highlights/low-lights as well as the overall culture of both annual conventions.

Expect to hear plenty of back and forth on September/October's biggest releases such as Borderlands 2 and Resident Evil 6. More importantly, expect to hear Matt and I repeatably bash Dr. Belin for his inexplicable dislike of the original Borderlands; madness!

Be sure to listen to the very end of the cast for a very special Games Abyss Contest Announcement. Cheers, everyone. And Happy Halloween!

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