Games Sony Should Unveil At E3, But Probably Won't

With Sony and Playstation 4 headlines dominating most every major gaming news outlet on the web since late February, excitement and anticipation have reached a boiling point as to what Sony has up its sleeve for E3 2013. While the Electronic Entertainment Expo has been lacking in terms of newsworthy announcements over the last year or so,  a fresh cycle of consoles and the promise of the real next generation of gaming holds potential for one of the most explosive gaming conventions in years. Sony is almost certain to unveil brand new intellectual properties as well as returning favorite and long overdue updates – I am looking right at you, The Last Guardian. But give today's April Fools sentiment, I've compiled a list of titles Sony ought to reveal for either the Ps4 or Vita – but probably won't.

Syphon Filter 4: No, not an HD remake for Vita/PS4; I'm talking about a  reboot of the once mega-popular action-game franchise. With Metal Gear back in the spotlight care of Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain and Sam Fisher resuming active duty with Splinter Cell: Blacklisted, now is the perfect time to bring Gabriel Logan out of retirement. Rumors of a Syphon Filter 4 have been circulating the web since last year so a surprise reveal at E3 isn't entirely far-fetched. Besides, it would be nice to see a return to a game series that helped support Sony's early success.

Crash Bandicoot 4 : Speaking of game series that helped support Sony's early success, Crash Bandicoot was a flagship franchise for Sony in the late 90s…but not so much afterward.  Since its conception at Naughty Dog, the series has gone through various developers and has lost its original charm as a result. The series' last known release was an iPhone/iPad Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2, and was published by Activision in 2010. While Crash's return to glory ultimately rests in Activision's hands at this point, Sony should do all it can it push for the orange tornado's revival. Come o Sony, go out and get your mascot back!

The Bouncer 2: When I recall the early days of my Playstation 2, I look back to a title that was just so fun to play…and has been unheard of since: The Bouncer. Till this day, Square and DreamFactory's beat 'em up holds a special place in my heart, and it pains me to think that such an entertaining game was met with mild sales and average review scores. The title may not have been for everyone, but as a front-runner in PlayStation 2 launch library, it did well to show just how powerful system's Emotion Engine was as The Bouncer was a graphically stunning title.

MediEvil 3: Oh man, did this series rock. PSone owners know what I'm taking about. Back in the day, MediEvil was THE game to play. Underneath that bag of bones, Sir Daniel Fortesque was all heart, and I completely fell in love with this adventures when I was younger. Aside from cameos and a much-earned spot in Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale's lineup, Sir Dan hasn't had his own game since MediEvil: Resurrection was released in 2005 for the PSP. Now would be a fitting time to reintroduce the old favorite to the gamers of tomorrow.

Heavenly Sword 2:Oh, Heavenly Sword. Short but oh-so sweet. Playing that game made me realize that we were finally in the next generation of consoles. Like Sir Dan, Nariko also nabbed some time in the spotlight thanks to SuperBot Entertainment and Battle Royale – so why not capitalize on it? Sure, Heavenly Sword's ending didn't leave much room for Nariko, but there are plenty of rich stories to tell in the universe Ninja Theory so masterfully crafted.

Monster Hunter Anything: As far as videogame franchises go, Monster Hunter seems to be one of the only sure-fire system sellers in Japan next to Pokemon and Super Mario Bros. Bringing a cross-play Monster Hunter game to Vita/PS4 is just the the shot in the arm the handheld and its next-gen counterpart need. And we already know that Capcom and Sony are all buddy-buddy, given the developers unveiling of its new Panta Rhei Engine during the big PS4 unveiling. Is an exclusive Monster Hunter title too much to ask for? Yeah, probably.

World of Warcraft: Okay, this one might seem a little crazy, but with Blizzard taking Diablo to the PS4, why not take WoW over there too? With subscriptions tapering off in the last couple of years, this would be a big way to get some back. Console gamers have proven they desire this experience (see DC Universe Online and Dust 514). Bringing the MMORPG powerhouse to the PS4 would feel like a godsend, unless of course Square Enix isn't afraid of a little competition. And speaking of Square Enix…

Final Fantasy XV: No more remakes. No more FFXIII sequels. I really don't want FFX or X-2 again. What I want is a refreshing, back-to-its-roots game of epic proportions. I want a 50GB Blu-ray disc packed to the brim with breathtaking visuals, an open-world full of towns, dungeons, and secrets, amazing voice work, and a phenomenal story. XII and XIII were all pretty big disappointments, and XIV straight-up pooped the bed…badly. Square Enix's indeed promised something big at E3 this year, and whether that announcement is going to come exclusively out of Sony's camp has yet to be seen. But if Sony really wants to be back on top, the franchises that helped get them there need to take center stage.

All fun aside, it looks to be a great year for Sony. With both the consumer and the developer in mind, the company is doing its best to stay ahead of the competition. With E3 just over two months away, who knows what surprises Sony has in store for us. But until then, we can only speculate and throw as many absurd theories around as we possibly can. So, what say you, fellow gamer? What games do you think Sony should unveil at E3 2013?

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