Nintendo's eShop Could Use Some GBA Games at Launch

It's been a month and a half since Nintendo released the 3DS in North America, but a whole lot of nothing has happened with the handheld since. The promised eShop is slated to launch at the end of the month which can bring some life to the sparse lineup. With the Wii's Virtual Console and WiiWare services being barren as of late, the big N has to bring out the big guns to dissolve the disappointment of gamers. I personally have a small list of games that would redeem Nintendo's downloadable strategy, all of which being Game Boy Advance games. As of now, GBA has not been announced as a supported eShop platform by Nintendo, but it's only a matter of time. Which games in their arsenal would make a big splash on the eShop? Well…

WarioWare Inc.
Wario isn't the first choice for a leading man in a game, let alone a franchise, but despite being a lesser known Mario villain he starred in a hit minigame collection on the GBA. Bringing the frantic action of WarioWare Inc. to 3DS as precursor to the inevitable 3D iteration is a smart way to reintroduce people to the advent of the so-called microgames. At the time, nothing like it had been done before. The game involves working through wacky seconds-long challenges strung together to progress the story of the many unique characters. You never know what you'll do next, and is an incredibly easy concept to grasp once you get your hands on it. The problem is being able to set it down once a set of microgames start, but is designed to allow for short sessions.

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
What Nintendo service would be complete without an appearance of the plump plumber in blue overalls? The portable bastard child of Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario pulled out all the stops with a hilarious script, fun combat mechanics, and gives the player a reason to actually like Luigi. Throwing Bowser aside for a while, the Mario brothers had to work together using new powers, such as electricity and tandem jumping, to save Princess Peach's voice from the Beanbean Kingdom baddie, Cackletta. Superstar Saga was one of the finest RPGs to be released on the GBA and would make a fine addition to my 3DS

The Mother Series
This one is the darkhorse in the pack. Fans have clamored for Earthbound to make its way to the Virtual console since the service was announced. Due to unknown reasons (probably multiple music-related copyright infringements) EB hasn't seen the light of day in the West since its SNES release in 1995. Why should it come to the eShop then? There are very few RPGs that use the modern world as a setting and explore the weirdest parts of contemporary mythology. Along with that, the charm extruded can only be understood by playing a Mother game. The best case scenario for seeing this series outside of Japan is NOA bringing the import versions of GBA titles Mother 1+2 and Mother 3 and implement the already completed translations to each game. Hell, even if they have to replace the wrongfully used audio to release them here, I'll survive with an edited game. Any EarthBound is better than no EarthBound.

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