Playstation All-Stars: 10 Fighters We Want, But Aren't Likely To Get

With Sony's Gamescon 2012 announcement of four additional fighters to its highly anticipated brawler, Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale, we at Games Abyss thought it would be fun to let our imaginations run wild, and round up a bunch of characters that would be a great fit but would ultimately have no chance in hell of ever making an appearance in SuperBot Entertainment's debut title.

10) The Rock – WWE SmackDown! 

Once upon a time, the WWE SmackDown! series was an exclusive title to Sony's Playstation. So what better iconic wrestling character to include than the legendary, and current superstar, The Rock! Just imagine what the seasoned wrestler's Super Moves would be like: The People's Elbow flying across the screen. The Rock Bottom where upon hitting the ground, everyone caught in its wake would be instantly KO'd. And let's not forget my personal favorite, The People's Eyebrow. With plenty of cinematic flair, the camera would close in on The Rock's face as he raises his eyebrow and annihilates the competition.

9) Psycho Mantis – Metal Gear Solid

If you were to look up "Top 10 Boss Fights Of All Time", chances are you'll find this guy an almost every list you come across. And justly so, Psycho Mantis had a flair for the theatrics that was only matched by his immense psychokinetic/telekinetic powers. As such, the unforgettable psychic member of FOXHOUND would fit right in with the rest of the Battle Royale roster. While his moves would revolve around him throwing his opponents around like rag-dolls, Mantis' Level 3 Super Move would have to feature the cunning mentalist turning off everyone's controllers and during their desperate struggle to re-sync, he can easily beat the ever-loving crap out of them.

 8) Kevin Butler – Sony Playstation Spokesperson Extraordinaire 

Let's get one thing straight: Kevin Butler is hilarious. His commercials helped give the Playstation 3 some life after its early struggles. In Playstation All-Stars, Mr. Butler would be armed with two Playstation Move controllers that can either shoot lasers, or act as swords or a bow & arrow. His Level 3 Super Move would be a cutaway to an actual Playstation commercial, randomized for even more of a comedic effect.

7) Toan – Dark Cloud

Ah, Dark Cloud. Like many gamers, Dark Cloud was one my favorite RPGs of the early days of Playstation 2. The characters were an absolute hoot and the game's town building mechanics were a ton of fun to mess around with. As such, Toan would be an interesting addition to the Playstation All-Stars family. While Dark Cloud may not be an 'all-star' caliber title, it certainly was a very popular RPG. And given that the roster is dominated by action/adventure stars, having someone with an RPG background might go a long way.

6) Lara Croft – Tomb Raider 

While Tomb Raider may not be exclusive to Sony, the series made its debut made most of its  impact on the original Playstation. She may be similar to Uncharted's Nathan Drake, but that would be the point. The two may be expert adventurers, but they each have enough moves to set them apart to make for an entertaining grudge match.

 5) Demon Hunter – Demon's Souls/Dark Souls

Demon's Souls and its spiritual successor Dark Souls, have gained an awfully large following since their respective releases. This brutal action-RPG has taken the Playstation brand by storm and reached an even greater audience when it went multi-platform. And its success is something that should be represented in Battle Royale. Maybe a costume change that would alter male/female and fighting styles, making for distinct character types. And wouldn't it be great to feature a tag-team summon of Ornstein and Smough as a Level 3 Super?

 4) Lil & Laarg – Escape Plan

Escape Plan is one of the more popular Playstation Vita games that has been released since the system's launch. These two sleuths could be a lot of fun to play as exclusively on the Vita version of Playstation All-Stars. The two would both be on screen at the same time and would be switched out with the simple press of a button; it would provide an interesting dynamic, especially against the partner duos of Ratchet and Clank, and Jak and Daxter.

3) LEGO Man – LEGO Series

Instead of choosing one LEGO character like Batman, Indian Jones, or Harry Potter, lets have a  generic yellow LEGO Man that would change costumes on the fly, giving you access to a wide array of power sets. One minute you would be Darth Vadar and using the Force, the next you would be Captain Jack Sparrow! Sure, Sony would have to deal with licensing issues, but this is a wish-list, after all. And what better way to cleverly lump in a bunch of popular brands than by have one character represent them all.

2) Jutah Fate – Silent Bomber

I'm going to go out a limb here and assume that many of you aren't familiar with Silent Bomber, one of the last great games to be released on the PSone. First of all, shame on you, because Silent Bomber is a gem of a title. And secondly, I can't think of any character better suited to bring a unique fighting style to Playstation All-Stars. Jutah is something of a souped-up Bomberman, with the ability to plant and launch three distinct types of bombs from his handy arm doodads, and can detonate them at his own discretion. As the IP never went on to be more than a one-off release, a slot in Battle Royale's lineup would honor the memory of Silent Bomber, and perhaps even spark a much needed re-release on PSN.

1) Moogle – Final Fantasy 

There are plenty of characters in the Final Fantasy universe that could have easily made this list: Cloud, Sephiroth, Cid, Tidus, Sin, Vivi, Rydia, etc. But unlike the rest, the Moogle race is probably the most representative of the franchise – well that and Chocobos. Moogles could be very fast and have some flight powers just to make things interesting. Perhaps even a few summon techniques to not appear to be that much of pushover; the possibilities are endless. To hell with bastard swords, give us fairy wings!

Sure, this list is a bit of a long-shot. And with the recent announcements confirming last month's leak, Playstation All-Stars' roster is essentially a done deal. But that doesn't mean that SuperBot Entertainment can't surprise us further down the road with some DLC characters.

Post contributed by Stephen Fontana. Questions for the author? Send an email to Follow him on Twitter: @steveactorsing.

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