Significant Changes are in the Cards with Heroes and Heralds: Capcom Prepares A Winning Hand

On December 19, Capcom will be giving players a nifty bonus for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and this time it is for free. But instead of a set of character costumes, Capcom has thought of something that will actually change up the gameplay experience, by adding a new mode entitled Heroes and Heralds. As overdue as it seems, gamers are finally getting something that will attempt to add even more replay value to the popular title.  So what exactly is Heroes and Heralds all about? Well, here is what’s known thus far.

H&H will attempt to add an element of strategy as well as a little chaos to the competitiveness of the game. This mode will be playable offline and online, and primarily revolve around the usage of special ability cards. According to the trailer, the cards feature characters from both universes that are not one of the playable characters and denote some kind of skill or talent related to that character that can be applied in battle. Some examples of such include invisible health bars, starting with three hyper bars as opposed to one, super armor for any character on your team (think Hulk’s one hit invulnerability), speed boosts, being a team of one (only able to select one character, and can use him or her up to three times if necessary), and many more possibilities. Apparently these cards will be able to be acquired both online and offline, with the more effective and interesting cards being prizes for victory in the online modes.

Not confident in your skills in battle, and feel you might be at a disadvantage? No worries, as it would seem the online campaign mode will involve everybody who chooses to be on the same team as you; whether it be heroes or heralds. So everyone who chooses their side will contribute to the overall win/loss of their respective team. Plus H&H will be its very own separate mode, so the option to hit the training grounds or experiment with different deck builds in arcade mode will be present as well.

More will be revealed throughout the week before its release, and regardless of how successful Heroes and Heralds actually is in the end, Capcom is on the right track with how to add to the formula of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. New characters will always be welcome, but giving us more and more reasons to use those characters is a huge plus. Keep an eye out for impressions on the mode post-launch from this UMvC3 devotee right here.

Post contributed by Matt J. Randisi. Questions for the author? Send an email to Follow him on Twitter: @SaveUsMatt.

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