The Greatest Conversation About Metal Gear – Ever

It's official, my fellow gamers: Konami is celebrating Metal Gear's anniversary in a big way. At an event commemorating  the series' 25 year history, came the announcement of not only a major motion picture, but of two brand spanking new Metal Gear Solid titles (Capcom, take notes). As such, I instantly rushed to my computer thinking of a piece worthy of these big deal announcements.

Was I to explore the possibilities of the open-world Metal Gear – titled Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes – as a would-be threat to Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto V? Was I to talk about Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops – the MGS smartphone game – and how Kojima and co. could bring an exciting gameplay experience to mobile devices? Or was I to do a gag write-up on possible Metal Gear projects that Kojima would never even consider – such as Snake's Revenge: The Remake, and Metal Gear STFU: Rose's Story. No, dear readers. It turns out that all I needed to do was partake in an online chat with fellow GA Writer, Justin Belin in perhaps the greatest conversation about Metal Gear – ever.

Justin: Open-world Metal Gear: Discuss

Me: It could easily give GTAV a run for its money. And the engine looks pretty…Boss.

Justin: I just hope that it doesn't fill us with Sorrow.

Me: I know, otherwise I'll bring the Pain.

Justin: Just as long as it's not the End of Metal Gear, I'm happy.

Me: I know! I'm just so overJOYed by all the MG love today.

Justin: And if this engine is really as good as it looks, I am sure it will bring Kojima Productions great Fortune.

Me: Just as long as it keeps Kojima making games so I can play them alongside a bag of Doritos like the Fatman I am.

Justin: I know, right? But seriously if Konami does to Metal Gear what it's done to Silent Hill, I may have to unleash the Fury.

Me: I Fear that it may go that way as well.

Justin: I swear to God if it does, I'll go Psycho.

Me: Easy now. Kojima isn't one to go Crying Wolf; when he's behind a game, it always delivers.

Justin: You're right, especially with this reVAMPed Engine.

Me: Indeed, it is a Ray of hope for the gaming industry.

Justin: I am filled with Shagohod – oh wait, that doesnt work. LOL. I think we ran out. Greatest conversation ever, btw.

Me: I had one more.

Justin: Really?

Me: I'd Deepthroat Kojima.

Justin: HA!

Me: Now it's the greatest convo ever.

So there you have it. Not really sure how to end this post, other than to ask you, the reader, to pick up where we left off . And no, not after felating Hideo Kojima – I think we've covered his Solid Snake enough for one day.

Written by Andreas Asimakis, Editor-in-Chief. Questions for the author? Send an email to Follow him on Twitter:@pantsguy.

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