The Horror of Surviving Silent Hill: Revelations 3D and the Hellish State of the Once Heavenly Series

On a late Friday afternoon, with that proverbial 2 o'clock feeling having long set in, Justin Belin and myself made plans to end our work week with a field trip to AMC Loews Theater for a 6:00pm showing of Silent Hill: Revelations 3D. If we knew what horror was in store for us as we reluctantly walked by an ever-growing line of Skyfall ticket holders and into a near-empty screening of Michael J. Basset's Silent Hill sequel, we would have gladly made ourselves throw up before the opening credits, instead of involuntary upchucking bile throughout the entire movie…and long after.

The following impromptu podcast is not only an account of our excruciating experience, but is also a loud, foul-mouthed rant of the Silent Hill series as a whole.  The conversation gets ugly rather quickly as Justin and I make our way through the foggy streets of Silent Hill's glorious past, its current hellish state, and how Revelations 3D is a harsh reminder of how videogame-to-movie adaptions should simply cease to exist.

To his credit, and given his budget of $25 million, Michael J. Basset directed a movie that was somewhat visually appealing. But bad writing, a lack of on-screen chemistry between actors, predictable and repetitive jump scares, and 3D effects that felt all too forced, only manage to reveal how much Silent Hill: Revelations 3D should be avoided.

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