The Top 10 Most Anticipated First-Person Shooters of 2013

7) Dementium 2 (PC, Mac)

Release Date: TBA 2013

The Setup: Convicted of the brutal murder of his wife and daughter, William Redmoor is on his way to the Bright Dawn Treatment Center (a hospital that also doubles as a prison for the criminally insane) to complete Phase 2 of his rehabilitation.  Little does the schizophrenic know of the horrors that await him outside his cell: hideously deformed monstrosities, ghastly visions of his deceased family, and sadistic taunts from none other than the Doctor – the man responsible for William's psychosis.

Why It Made The List: Unlike the sequels and one-offs that populate this list, Dementium 2 is a remake and is slated for a re-release on the PC/Mac.  Originally released in 2010, the acclaimed sequel to Dementium: Ward was a highlight in the Nintendo DS library, and was a definite must-have for mature audiences/owners of the dual-screened portable. A survival horror FPS, Dementium 2 was as haunting an experience as say, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but allowed players equip a variety of weapons to fend off its disturbing 'inmates'. The story while a bit mishandled, was intriguing, and complimented the game's claustrophobic, Silent Hill-like atmosphere and indelible score. With a graphical overhaul and controls better suited for the first-person shooter, Dementium 2's unexpected rebirth on the PC/Mac is a potential sleeper-hit in the making. If you happened to miss out on this phenomenal title the first time around, do not make that same mistake twice.

6) Crysis 3 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Release Date: February 2013

The Setup: Alchatraz returns once again with the late Prophet's Nanosuit 2.0, this time on a mission of vengeance after uncovering the true motives behind C.E.L.L.'s construction of the quarantined Nanodomes – particularly one that encased all of New York City. The hunted it seems, has now become the hunter…

Why It Made The List: Can a single weapon make a game worthwhile? It might if was Crysis' 3 Predator Bow. While the E3 demo showcased environments that seemed too similar to Crysis 2,  Crytek has promised a variety of terrain for the player to explore via its special biodomes.  But quite frankly, the Predator Bow is the real showstopper here. Crytek can go ahead and add to the ever-growing list of things to look forward to in Crysis 3 - brand-new Nanosuit enhancements, the swampy terrain of the Liberty Dome, improved AI and better online connectivity –  but it's all just ancillary when compared to the awesome power of the bow. It also doesn't hurt that the FPS is going to be larger in scope than any of its predecessors and is going to take advantage of the NYC landscape, giving players more maneuverability and tactical options.

5) Prey 2  (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Release Date: TBA 2013…maybe. 

The Setup: U.S. Marshal Killian Samuels is a bounty hunter on the alien world of Exodus. He wasn't always in the alien-killing business however, as some time before the events of Prey 2, Samuels was abducted by an alien race shortly after a horrific plane crash. With no recollection of his life prior to the abduction, and believing himself to be the only human on Exodus, he goes about playing the role of bounty hunter until a chance encounter with Domasi "Tommy" Tawodi (the protagonist of the original Prey) compels Samuels to recover his lost memory.

Why It Made The List: Unlike many sequels to big name FPS titles, Human Head Studios' approach to its Prey follow-up is to create an experience that is remarkably different from the first.  Aside from introducing a brand new protagonist, Prey 2 is being developed as an open-world experience, allowing players to tackle missions as they see fit and interact with the world at their own pace.  But for however much promise a massive alien world to explore holds, the bounty hunter concept here is what intrigues me the most. Early impressions also report weapons and armor customization options as well as being able to collect loot from enemies and containers throughout Exodus.  Prey 2's inclusion on this list comes with an unfortunate asterisk however, as the project has been in a "limbo" status as confirmed by Human Head Studios designer Nathan Cheever earlier last month.

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