Top 10 Things Gamers Complain About Too Much

I was never one to take the Internet too seriously when it comes to gamer bellyaching. At a glance the net is full of those are either never satisfied or absolutely have no idea what they are talking about. These are the types that begged ad nauseum for Phoenix Wright's inclusion in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and yet didn't bother to use him upon release. But most noticeable, these are the types who get together to complain about certain aspects of the industry – be it changes made to a beloved franchise or a particular level in a game they otherwise adore.

10) The Console Wars: Since the dawn of gaming there has always been reasons go off on 'that other console', the one that you just so happen no to own. Looking back as far as the days of the ZX Spectrum and the Commodore 64, gamers will always spend way more time that necessary arguing over which console is better and trash-talking those who don't agree – as opposed to…you know, actually playing video games. People are going to defend their purchases to the bitter end, and rightfully should. Gaming hardware after all isn't exactly cheap so consumers want to convince themselves that it was worth in hopes of avoiding buyer’s remorse.

Personal Take: Back in 2007, the Nintendo fanboy in me was stationed among the legions of Wii owners ready to bash and condemn Sony and Microsoft on just about every known gaming forum. I would praise the Nintendo new motion-centered console,  thinking that it could do no wrong and that there must have been a bigger reason for all its shortcomings that the opposing camps were so eager to point out. But as 2008 rolled around, I realized how insanely pointless the constant arguing was. I am a gamer, and a very proud one; I play video games, not argue about consoles. Which brings us to…

9) Bayonetta 2's Wii U Exclusivity: In the moments following PlatinumGames announcement, gamers took to the web to express their unapologetic disgust on the matter. From using just about every profanity known to man to death and/or suicide threats, Bayonetta 2 becoming a Wii U exclusive sparked quite the controversy among the gaming community.

Personal Take: I understand the frustration of seeing a beloved franchise move to a console you don't necessarily care for (Resident Evil 4, anyone?) And yes, having to buy another console just to play one game is costly. But seriously, GET OVER IT, it's a fucking game.  Let's remember that if it wasn't for Nintendo, Bayonetta 2 would not exist. As Sega had no interest in publishing the sequel, it was the Big N that came in and saved the day.   So either wait until you can afford the damned thing, wait until just shut up about it and stop ruining it for the rest of us.

8) No Mega Man in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: When MvC3 was announced back in 2010, the topic on every gamer’s mind was if their favorite character would the roster cut. Prolific names like Dante, Deadpool and Wesker were all requested fans and consequently were all put in the game. But one Capcom character who is as synonymous with the company arguably more so than Ryu of Street Fighter, (who is in the game) is Mega Man.  But alas the Blue Bomber didn’t make his return despite being in the series' previous two entries.  Outraged, gamers threatened to boycott the fighting game (which they probably didn’t) and voted him #1 in a failed online campaign (started by Capcom) to get Mega Man in through DLC. And we all know how that turned out…

Personal Take: Who. Cares. Do you really UMvC3 would be a better fighter if your favorite character was in it?My favorite character is in the game and I still think it’s an unbalanced and unfair piece of crap.

 7) Super Mario Sunshine: Apparently, a lot of people hate this game. Be it the camera, or the new setting/gameplay mechanics, Mario's stint as an anti-graffiti activist was not well-received from his ever-loyal fanbase.

Personal Take: Apparently Super Mario Bros. fans really like to play the same game over and over and over again (how are those pair of “New” Super Mario Bros. working out for you?) But Super Mario Sunshine dared to be different and it paid off in a big way. If I were to pick a favorite it would be Super Mario Sunshine.  I absolutely loved the F.L.U.D.D backpack and the new mechanics that came with it. I loved the atmosphere of Delfino Island and its inhabitants. And let's face it, a break from the Mushroom Kingdom was long overdue.

 6) Devil May Cry Gets a Reboot: In 2010, it was announced that the Devil May Cry franchise was getting a sequel. Hooray, right? Then, the sequel was revealed to be a reboot with a new Dante and a new art direction. Suffice it to say gamers were majorly pissed off. From his emo-look and hairstyle to his personality, the list went on and on as to why Ninja Theory should be put to death for what they were doing to DMC.

Personal Take: In my downtime, I read up on fans crying about every aspect of the game. From how easy the combos are compared to DMC3 to how the controls 'don’t do this and don’t do that' compared to DMC3…and how the weapons aren’t like those…well, you get the point.  So basically everyone thinks the reboot is gonna suck because it’s not DMC3 when that's clearly not the case.

5) Stage Hazards in Super Smash Brothers:  For some arbitrary reason, there seems to be this unnecessary, unwritten rule that every time you play a Super Smash Bros. game,  whether it be the N64 original or the Wii release, you have to do it with the items off and the stage set to Final Destination or anything that resembles it. And the reason is Stage Hazards.

Personal Take: What bothers me about this is the stigma that this is how SSB should be played.  I actually like the items and I like to explore Nintendo’s history in different stages or grab the Pokéballs to see what Pokémon come out, and not be limited to the same freakin' stage because we can't tell the difference between this and Street Fighter. In fact my favorite stage is the WarioWare one because it’s a whole lot of fun. And last time I checked the overall goal of this game was TO HAVE FUN!  You don’t wanna get hit by oncoming F-Zero machines? Then move out of the way and let the rest of us play.

 4) X-Men Characters Are Super Effective: Not to harp on this trash fighting game yet again but here we are. It seems that MvC3 players complain (i.e. exaggerate) about the overwhelming effectiveness of the X-Men characters; more specifically Magneto, Sentinel, Wolverine and Phoenix…Dark Phoenix if you wanna be a dick about it. Some have said that these characters are unbeatable. But the truth is…

Personal Take: Not to sound arrogant, but I'm kind good at this game. So I have no problems with the 'cheap' X-Men because everyone plays them exactly the same as the last guy.  Dive kicks with Wolverine, jumping “S” with Sentinel Triangle Dash or Disruptor with Magneto, and famously building the meter with Phoenix so when she dies, she transforms into her dark persona. There is little to no originality when it comes to using these characters. In fact the X-Men fighters are the easiest to kill because their overrated stats are just so transparent.

3) Ashley in RE4:  Whenever Resident Evil 4 comes up in conversation, it always goes back to what wrong with it instead how it fixed the franchise (well, this one time anyway). Fans want to compare it to stagnating and overrated Resident Evils of old, namely 1 & 2. Those longing for the past actively look for things to bitch about the present. And while it was pegged as 'not being scary' (seriously, was RE ever really scary in the first place?) the most tired complaint on RE4 is Ashley.

Personal Take: Ashley never, and I mean NEVER, got on my nerves. Controlling her was pretty fun and surprisingly tense. Ashley never hindered gameplay for me at all. Most of the time I stationed her in a position far away from danger. And last time I checked protecting Ashley is sort of the point of the game.

 2) Link Takes to the High Seas: So Wind Waker was an absolutely stunning LoZ title. But did you know that a lot of gamers downright hated all that sailing across the Great Sea? Apparently many thought it was boring.

 Personal Take: I loved sailing in the Wind Waker. Aside from the moment tranquility sailing offered between the chaos of enemy encounters and boss fights, it gave me a chance to admire the game's visuals like the islands you can see from afar… and those  douchebag enemy ships. Was it boring at times? Hell. No! Not when there's aforementioned enemies to be on the look for! And while we are on the topic of Zelda…

 1) The Water Temple: Regarded as one of if not the best videogame of all time, Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 is a masterpiece…almost. The most cited problem comes during the second act when players first enter the Water Temple. There is a whole lot of water adjusting going on to make the levels go up or down, along with having to constantly pause the game to equip/unequip the Iron Boots.

Personal Take:  Easily the most famous but at the same time the most baffling entry on this list, the Water Temple is nowhere near as frustrating as Ocarina enthusiasts make it out to be. There is so much to enjoy here: the complexity, the puzzles, and the reward; the single most versatile and undoubtedly coolest weapon upgrade in the entire franchise: the Longshot. Top it all off with a surprise run-in with Dark Link and an entertaining boss fight with Morpha and you got the perfect temple in a perfect game.

Dubious Mention: Mass Effect 3's Ending: Hell, I'm not even going to bother with this one.

 Written by Associate Staff Writer Corey Moore. 

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